The city of Cancun is located on the coast of Quintana Roo and is situated along the Yucatan Peninsula. This city is a popular resort town that is occassionally called the Mexican Caribbean. This city is seated in the Benito Juarez district and is centered on the mainland that is connected to the Bojorquez lagoons. This area is known for its many modern beach side hotels.

The original name of the city of Cancun was known as Ekab, which in English is black earth. The people of this area were Mayan until the Spanish Conquistador Bernal Díaz del Castillo conquered the area. After many year of war, disease and famine there were very few of the original inhabitents left.

The area was largely unpopulated for many years until 1967 when the Mexican government decided that it would make a great location for a possible resort town. The Bank Of Mexico then aquired a twenty seven millon dollar loan to begin construction of Cancun. Many prospective investors were extremely cautious about investing in an area that didn’t have a proven track record, so the Mexican government financed the first several hotels themselves. The development officially began in January of 1970.

Today, the main economic activity of Cancun is tourism. This city has over one hundred and fifty hotels and almost four hundred restaurants. Visitors to this city are serviced by a extensive public transportion network of buses. The major airport in the city is the Cancun International Network.

One of the main reasons for the thriving tourist trade in Cancun is the mild and temperate weather. There is over three thousand hours of sunshine here a year and the average temperature is a balmy seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides the hotels and beaches there are plenty of other activities in Cancun to keep the world traveler busy. One of the most popular location is Xcaret, Xcaret is a park that is a hybrid between an ecological park and a archeological site. Here visitors can take in the eye pleasing indigenous fauna and floral displays. Visitors can also peruse the many exhibits on Mayan culture. But, this site also has many other activities besides the two previously mentioned. There is snorkeling in an river that is located below ground, a butterfly pavilion and visitors even get the chance to swim with dolphins.

Another fun destination is the Hidden Worlds Cenote Adventure Park. This park is located on the most extensive system of caves in the world. Visitors can spend the days exploring the many underwater caverns or spend the day caving through the many majestic caves located there. For a more conventional adventure park than Xel-Ha is the place to visit. Not only are there exhibits and rides but there are also natural ecological attractions where visitors can swim with dolphins, snorkel and swim.

Since Cancun is a resort town you can be sure that there are plenty of shops and markets where you can be separated from your hard earned cash. The most prominent of these is La Isla. This is a large shopping mall that not only has shops that sell Mexican souvenirs but also shops that sell many major American goods. Also in this mall is a whole range of restaurants that include authentic Mexican cuisine, as well as popular fast food restaurants.

On your trip to Cancun don’t forget to pay a visit to Coba. This is the ruins of the town of Coba, which was a thriving city during the height of the Pre-Columbian Maya civilization. It has been estimated that this city had a maximum population of over fifty thousand people at its height. It is believed that this city was built between the fifth and ninth centuries. Surrounding the ruins is a small village that has some very interesting shops and restaurants.

One of the most beautiful resorts in Cancun is Club Med. This five star resort has plenty of restaurants, bars and spa services available. Other great resorts in the area is Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa, Oasis Cancun, RIU Cancun, The Royal Resorts and Paradisus Riveiera Cancun Resort.

Other activities to do during your stay in Cancun includes boat rides, tours of the lagoon, scuba diving and snorkeling, and day hikes through some of the beautiful forest located there. There is also a vibrant night life scene and plenty of beach side bars to spend the afternoons.